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Our ’RESKIN YOUR APP’ A+ RESKINS Process Explained...
Here are the steps to follow to get your hands on one or more of our awesome A+ RESKIN Packs:

Step 1 - Email us at with the details of the code you would like to reskin and already own the code for to ask for an obligation free quote. 

Step 2 - Accept the quote and send payment to our Paypal (will be given to you upon request). Tell us the name, theme, and details of the style you want (including reference images where possible). 

Step 3 - We will work on design proposal / preview screens for your feedback and approval, prior to finalising the artwork. 

Step 4 - Once you are happy with the design, the artists continue to chop assets and make your package.

Step 5 - We will send you the complete graphics pack in no longer then 20 days (often sooner) via email.
​(We say 20 days to be safe and allow time for those large games on the list, but the majority of apps will come back to you before the 20 day period. If you are adding the programming option to your pack please allow an additional 5 days delivery time and the final product with programming will come from the same department.) 

Step 6 - Graphics only ordered: You open graphics and check them. You have 5 days from time of delivery to check them before we close the order.
Graphics + Programming ordered: We will send you the complete graphics pack and once you say OK! It will then be sent to programming department and once complete, will be sent to you. You will open the game or have your uploader put it on test flight. Check the game and make sure you’re happy. You have 5 days to let us know if you’re not.

Step 7 - If you only order graphics: give the graphics to your own programmer and have them put assets in your app and you’re done... If you order graphics + programming from us then that’s it you’re all done.