Angela’s App Services


I have been a client and friend of Angela’s for almost a year now. I finally quit my J.O.B and am now full time in apps thanks largely to the help and support from Angela. I highly recommend watching her every move! Lol

Client and app Entrepreneur

Erwin Felicilda


I’m a app entrepreneur with over 20 million downloads in the app store and have been a customer of Angela’s App Services from the very beginning. I can 100% say that without a doubt, Angela’s App Services is a HUGE reason why I’ve been successful. Not only do they provide quality products and services, they also really take the time to make sure all their clients are satisfied and work relentlessly on ensuring their clients become successful. I would recommend Angela’s App Services to anyone who wants to take their app business to the next level.

Client and app entrepreneur

Charles Kathrein


Angela Hayes knows what it takes to win. I’ve personally watched her build up a massive 7-figure app business faster than anyone else I’ve ever seen. Definitely one to watch closely.

Mentor and Awesome guy

Trey Smith


Angela and her team kick butt at what they do! Thats why I send all my reskin traffic to them. I trust that their team will take care of my clients and the work will be thoughtfully done. Ang and I have exchanged many tips over the year and she knows apps and thats a fact!

Entrepreneur friend and confidant

Carter Thomas


I’ve worked with Angela for years and am continually impressed by her creativity, dedication, and overall domain mastery. She offers something to learn for developers of all sizes, big and small, indie to AAA.


Nate Barker


Angela is an expert on how to make a successful business in our new app economy. She seems to work tirelessly - both for herself and her clients


Dan Droller


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